Paula S. Bell, Artist Statement

I respond to the exciting colors, forms, and textures in the world around me. They energize me and inspire visions. They are translated into fanciful, detailed, one of a kind vessels and sculptures which are infused with color. Forms found in nature, as well as human elements, are the subjects of my hand built reliefs and imaginative sculptures. I experience a sense of freedom, peace, and personal growth as I arrange these components in my mind using clay to bring the images to a state of presentation.

Paula S. Bell, Company's Coming

Porcelain is my primary medium of choice because of its satisfying texture and malleability. Working on preliminary sketches provides an opportunity to focus on the subject, observing its features and characteristics. All of the pieces are modeled and sculpted to add details. There are no molds used. The pieces are bisque fired. They are painted with under-glaze, using a layering technique, and then re-fired. Precisely detailed features and textural embellishments are a hallmark of my hand built work. It is my hope that the level of detail in the work will engage viewers and create a dialogue between the representation of my vision and their personal perspectives.


Paula S. Bell



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