Paula S. Bell Biography

Paula S. Bell, Fantastic Fish

Paula Bell is a ceramic artist who uses porcelain to create fanciful, detailed, one of a kind vessels and sculptures. Delicately appointed features and textural embellishments have become a hallmark of her hand built work. Paula uses forms found in nature, as well as human elements, in her carved reliefs and narrative sculptures. It is her hope that the level of detail in the work will engage viewers and create a dialogue between the representation of her vision and their personal perspectives.

Ms. Bell considers herself to be primarily self-taught. She began working with clay in January, 1981, enjoying the opportunity to create in direct contact with the medium. She learned basic hand building techniques from internationally known sculptor Jean Juhlin. She also studied briefly with noted Chicago area sculptors Arlene Siegel and Eleanor Frew. Her work began appearing in juried fine arts shows in the Chicago area in September, 1984. Pieces were commissioned and purchased for collections.

Ms. Bell moved to Wilmington, Delaware with her family in 1985 and returned to her original profession as a teacher. She resumed working with clay, full time, upon her retirement from teaching in 2004.

She works in her studio located in Oxford, Maryland.



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